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Kultur und Konzertzentrum Sarajevo
2000 Wettbewerb
3. Rang

mit E. Pfannes

und T. Heller


12`700 m2 HNF

inhabitable citylandscape stretching from the central square to the Miljacka River. The Concert Hall is based on the arena, a typologie that derives from the classical theater, and which allows sitting around the music soúrce. The concert as a social event becomes a meeting point for the city during the performance.

The project is located in the valley of Sarajevo at a point where the city is broken in two. As a link between the two, old and new, the musical and cultural meeting place can become a central point of the city. The foyer takes over and intertwines existing and expected infrastructural connections on which the stream of visitors flows through. It becomes a

‘piazza diffusa’, a place to meet and exchange as a preparation for the enjoyment of music. Directly from this public surface the visitor has access to different areas in the building. To the North lies the entertainment area, a restaurant with view over the forest, one or more ‘water’ bars grouped on the central square and a info centre. To

the south one can reach the contemplative area, the library and the bookshop which create a second, more quiet square raised above the ground and the religious centre next to the river promenade. The two music halls, positioned like stones in a river create a narrow passage between them. From there one has access to the upper surface, an

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